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Vogrig L. & C. Srl

Viale Libertà, 138 - 33043 Cividale del Friuli ( Udine)

Tel 0432.730236

Fax 0432.700719




The VOGRIG L. & C. S.r.l. company began in 1963 upon the initiative of Mr Attilio Vogrig, first in his native Clodig, a village in Grimacco, then in Cividale del Friuli, the famous old town at the start of the Natisone valleys. Today it is managed by Lucio’s (his son) family, and is equipped with a 2,000 m2 well-equipped laboratory. The firm is the biggest producer of Friulian Gubana desserts, thanks to the recognised quality of the product.

Besides its cutting-edge equipment, the firm makes use of, in particular, 12 qualified pastry chefs through which it maintains the traditions and the care which modern techniques have not yet managed to replace. VOGRIG employs all the resources of its internal experience as well as the capability of external technical advice to improve the quality of its range of products and for the research and development of new products suitable to the needs of consumers.

Thanks to this strong tradition and for improving Client satisfaction, the firm obtained, as long ago as 1999, the Certification with which it was affirmed that its Quality System conformed to the requirements of Regulation UNI EN ISO 9001 for production and marketing of haute pâtisserie and ovenbake products.

The "Gastronomic Guide to Italy" shows Gubana as the "highly renowned Fruilian speciality": many years ago, the product was made at home for Christmas, Easter or at weddings. From the typical dessert for special occasions, Gubana slowly transformed into a dessert suitable for everyday consumption: at elevenses, as an afternoon snack, after dinner. As well as Gubana, VOGRIG has developed production of numerous other haute pâtisserie and oven-baked products, like Focaccia, Struky, Strudel, Plum Cake and various different cakes and tarts. It delivers across the world thanks to its production technique and its careful packaging which guarantees natural preservation.

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