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Pinosa s.r.l.

Automazione industriale di processi produttivi

Viale dell' industria, 7
33017 Tarcento (UD) Italy
Tel. +39 0432 783298 - Fax +39 0432 783416





Founded in 1979 at the foot of the Alps in industrious North-East Italy, where it still operates, it began as a small handicraft firm which transformed over the years into an increasingly important industrial entity.  So much so, it has become the focus across the world in the sector of cutting-edge technology for industrial automation of manufacturing processes, predominantly in the sector of the initial processing of wood.

The firm, which has always worked in research and innovation, also gaining legal ownership of international patents, designs and produces machinery, characterised by high standards of quality, both for third parties and for its own direct sale.
Among its personnel are designers who are specialists in mechanics, oleodynamics, electronics and software, and it produces, independently and internally, the carpentry and mechanics of its own machinery. Its oleodynamic and electronics workshops complete the automation of the machines.

Currently the core business is effectively represented by the production of firewood processing centres, automatic and semi-automatic solutions intended for the firewood energy market, plants which are obtaining ever larger plaudits both from small and large manufacturers; drying plants for wooden biomass for energy purposes and co-generation plants.

Other important sectors in which the firm has successfully operated for many years are automation, plastics, aluminium, thermoregulation, electro-mechanics and carpentry.

Pinosa’s mission is to combine the best technology on the market with a modern, flexible and well-equipped design capacity and in-depth knowledge of the sector, in order to supply to its clients the best possible solutions in relation to their needs.
Pinosa is synonymous with dynamism, experience, reliability, technology, quality and innovation.

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