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Marco Viviani, Educatore Ambientale Forestale, Tecnico Faunista

Via A. Diaz, 47 - I 33018 Tarvisio (UD) – Italy
Tel. +039 0428 403 93

Portatile (GSM) +039 328 3841399 –

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An experience using all the senses to get to know open spaces and to acquire the ability to learn in and from the woods through “play”, in pursuit of environmental sustainability and integration between people.

This is a way to discover the secrets and mysteries of the woods: a method of learning, enjoying and experiencing nature and especially the woods.

Forest Education: a course of spontaneous learning, born from desire and curiosity towards the magic of the forest. Through recreational and sensory experiences, we will understand forest ecology, and will be consciously respectful of environmental sustainability.

At the same time wood Education makes us relax, socialise, etc., in order to live in harmony with nature, with ourselves and with others.
Have fun, learn, understand the relationship with ourselves, and between ourselves, others and the environment: that’s our aim!

  • targeted “recreational” activities (exercises, storytelling, tasks, art compositions, etc.);
  • allocation of practical tasks (experiences, “games”);
  • collective adventures and, above all,
  • it gives sensory, meditative and beneficial experiences to the individual. Guided activities and trips – practical experiences that will excite and entertain!

The idea is:

  1. “I’ll show it to you”
  2. “I’ll explain it
  3. “I’ll make you do it!      
  4. “I’m enjoying myself!!”

We use “the magical wonder of nature and of our senses”, slowly revealing environmental wonders, connecting with nature through play (experiments, fairy tales/art).  The duration varies: from single “sessions”(2-3 hours), to experiences repeated in cycle. Ad hoc “full days” or “half days” for groups or individuals are also planned.

Everyone can participate in this activity. It is suitable for children, disabled persons, adults, individuals, groups, families with elderly members. The Silvotherapy is done everywhere, in the woods or in a natural environment, without ever using the car. We offer activities for small groups or individuals up to 16 people (some created for disabled people or people with particular needs: for example, the disabled with a helper/parent).

The activity is conducted in every season, in all weather conditions. Suitable clothing is required (NO umbrellas!).

Marco Viviani has specific expertise. He is part of the “Continuing Education” program (Forest Environment Education; Science for Earth Education). He has successfully applied this method to his work.  He is a third party civil liability insurance policy holder.

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