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Gubana and štruki are the traditional desserts of the Natisone Valleys, and were served at the important ceremonies of life such as marriage and baptism, and at other festive events. Christmas Eve was the principal occasion for preparing štruki.

Štruki, which can be boiled or fried, are filled with the same ingredients as gubana (a filling named gubancanje, with a soft g), the essential items being walnuts, raisins, pine seeds, sugar and grappa.

The dough for boiled štruki is made from wheat flour, water and salt, whereas for the fried variety the ingredients are wheat flour, egg, sugar, and butter (or) oil. For boiled štruki the dough is cut into small circles which are then wrapped around small balls of the filling. The edges of the dough are then squeezed tight, and the centre pressed to give the classic characteristic shape. The štruki are then boiled for a few minutes, before being drained and seasoned with melted butter, caster sugar and cinnamon. At one time they used to be eaten cold by workers in the fields, or were heated on the surface of a stove.

The fried štruki are also made from a circle of dough wrapped around the filling. This is then closed in a half-moon shape and the edge is pressed with the prongs of a fork. The štruki are then fried in oil and lard and sprinkled with caster sugar.

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