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The Natisone Valleys

Of this region’s many distinctive features, its gastronomy, in particular, is associated with an agricultural way of life that is slowly but surely disappearing. In the slow rhythm of the seasons, the cuisine of the Natisone Valleys grew out of poverty but was distinguished by taste and flavours that could be delicate or robust, nevertheless always nutritious and sustaining.

The main aim of the "Invito" Association is to revive traditional Valleys recipes that use local ingredients such as mushrooms and game: bizna (a soup of brovade and potatoes), štakanje-štokja-štokalca (a puree of potatoes and seasonal vegetables), burje (chestnuts), zlicnjaki (small gnocchi made of flour and water), and štruki/strucchi (sweet stuffed pastries, boiled or fried, with the same ingredients as gubana, a fruit cake).

These are but a few of the dishes on offer in the annual "Invito a Pranzo" ("Lunch Invitation") initiative which normally takes place in October and November.

The hope is that in this way a small piece of this region and its culture will become better known, and that guests who sample its food will not only enjoy its tastes and flavours, but also retain a pleasant and satisfying memory of a day spent in the natural beauty of the Natisone Valleys. The Association invites you to come.

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