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An event of  MITTELFEST 2008

Cinema is above all a construct of time. As Andrej Tarkovskij put it: cinema is sculpting in time.
A defining feature of the documentary is that the rhythms of cinematic time must be organised in a manner that accommodates the investigation and recording of reality. Each film then becomes a notch cut into time's endless substance, from which a condensed fragment of memory is retrieved.   

Mittelimmagini, dedicated to the visual arts, is a Mittelfest event that arose from collaboration between Associazione Mittelfest, Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso ed Istruzione di Cividale and Associazione Navel, with technical and financial support from the Mountain Community of the Torre, Natisone and Collio and in cooperation with Kinoatelje from Gorizia. It presents a series of fifteen documentaries that, to a greater or lesser degree, illustrate the theme of the 2008 festival: “Constructing time”. The theme runs through the nine evenings of this event, although each will examine it from a different point of view. In some the relationship will seem obvious, in others less so, and to ensure that it remains both clear and sustainable, and to maintain thematic coherency, the programme includes both recent documentaries and films produced years or even decades ago.

Entry is free to all films, which will be screened in the open air at Foro Giulio Cesare
In bad weather, screenings will take place in the Sala dei Gessi of the Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso, at civico 15 of Foro Giulio Cesare (second floor).



20.00    Inauguration of  MittelFest 2008

20.30    E' oriente, da Budapest al Mar Nero (East, from Budapest to the Black Sea), from the book by Paolo Rumiz, poetry and music [a MittelFest presentation]

21.30    Brass Media Band, jazz- swing concert

23.00    Biutiful cauntri, by Esmeralda Calabria, Andrea D'Ambrosio, Peppe Ruggiero, Italy, 2007, 83’, Italian


19.00    Dj set by The Hollywoods and readings by FJT Forum Julii Teatro

21.30    Spectrum Diamond, by Opificio Ciclope, Italy, 2002, 54’, English with Italian sub-titles

22.30    In partnership with Hybrida, concert by Blind Cave Salamander: Paul Beauchamp (Steve Mackay’s band), Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen, ( r ) ), Julia Kent (Antony and The Johnsons), Marco Milanesio (DsorDne)


18.30    Associazione Navel – ground floor -: in partnership with the "Il pane e le rose" association and Nota, presents: "Il tempo, la memoria" (time, memory), a synthesis of words, music and images directed by Edi Kanzian, with contributions from Valter Colle, Roberto Dedenaro, Michele Obit, Paolo "Paolin" Privitera, Lino Straulino and special guest Giovanna Marini.
20.30    Uomo avvisato, (man warned) by Vanni De Lucia [a MittelFest presentation]

22.00    dj set

23.00    Nûfcent - videosclesis dal Friûl, by Dorino Minigutti, Italy, 2006, 50’, Friulian with Italian sub-titles. The director will be present.

TUESDAY 22 – Tribute to Franco Basaglia

18.00    Sala dei Gessi, Società Operaia – second floor -: meeting with Massimo Cirri, Giuseppe Dell’Acqua, Pier Aldo Rovatti, Franco Rotelli: Ricordando Franco Basaglia (remembering Franco Basaglia) and exhibition of the photographic volume Basaglia a Trieste. Cronaca del cambiamento (Basaglia in Trieste, chronicles of a change) – photographs by Claudio Ernè (Stampa alternativa/Nuovi equilibri, 2008). The author will be present.

19.30    Reading by FJT Forum Julii Teatro
21.30 Nella prospettiva della chiusura lampo, by Paolo Pisanelli, Italy 1997, 52', Italian

23.00    Il volo (the flight), by Silvano Agosti, Italy, 1975, 32’, Italian


19.00    Dj set by The Hollywoods

21.30    Mesto na travniku (The City in the Meadow), by Anja Medved and Nadja Velušček, Slovenia - Italy, 2004, 65’, Slovenian and Italian with Italian sub-titles. The directors will be present.

23.00    Mala apokalipsa, by Alvaro Petricig, Slovenia-Italy, 2008, 40’, Italian and the Slovenian dialect of the Natisone Valleys, with Italian sub-titles. The director will be present.


19.00    Dj set by dj Lak
21.30    Otroci s Petrička (Petriček’s Children), by Miran Zupanič, Slovenia, 2007, 95’, Slovenian, Croatian and English, with Italian sub-titles.

23.00   Scemi di guerra - la follia nelle trincee  (madmen at war, folly in the trenches) by Enrico Verra, Italy, 2008, 48’, Italian


19.00  Alessandro Lepore, concert

21.30  Il mondo che abbiamo perduto - Ettore Guatelli e il suo museo, by Pietro Medioli, Italy, 1999, 52’, Italian. The director will be present.

23.00  Armand Schulthess - J'ai le téléphone, by Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf, Switzerland, 1974, 53’, Italian and German with Italian sub-titles


18.30    Sala dei Gessi, Società Operaja – second floor -: Fiori di pace (peace flowers), film [a MittelFest presentation]

19.30    Dj set by Hybrida
21.30    Che Guevara, il corpo e il mito (Che Guevara, the body and the legend), by Stefano Missio and Raffaele Brunetti, Italy, 2007, 52’, Italian. The director will be present.

23.00    Cannabis rock,  gli arrampicatori che vissero il nuovo mattino, by Franco Fornaris, Italy, 2005, 52’, Italian


18.00    The Hollywoods and readings by FJT Forum Julii Teatro

21.30    L'altra voce della musica - in viaggio con Claudio Abbado, by Helmut Failoni and Francesco Merini, Italy, 2006, 55’, Italian and Spanish with Italian sub-titles

23.00    Cia e tazi pesen? (Whose is this song?), by Adela Peeva, Belgium-Bulgaria, 2003, 70’, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Turkish, Greek, Albanian, Bosnian and Serbian, with English and Italian sub-titles.

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