The trench system of the Isonzo front

II. The Natisone and Judrio Valleys

This publication describes the Italian defensive arrangements in the operational area of the 2nd Army, with particular attention on the rear lines established between the Natisone valley and the Isonzo and Judrio valleys. .
Historical details are drawn from the archives of the Army Engineers and the Army General Staff. Documentary sources were selected according to their relevance to the project, and the importance of still existing physical traces .

Community Initiative Programme

INTERREG III A Italy - Slovenia 2000-2006

Axis 3 - Size 3.2 - Action 3.2.5 and 3.2.3
Defensive system of World War One 1915-1918

2nd – 3rd line of resistance and communication

Mountain Community of the Torre Natisone Collio

by Marco Mantini
published by © Gaspari


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