The Krivapetes of the Natisone Valleys

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Divinities, holy women, wild women, herbalists, sorceresses, witches, benandanti (the "good walkers", agrarian fertility cult followers), heretics.

In this study the author brings together the intriguing and multiform identities of the Krivapetes, the mysterious female figures jealously preserved in the silence of the Natisone Valleys.

A journey and a remarkable idea that reinterprets, without preconceptions, the stories, myths and symbolism of the Krivapetes, and, in time and space, restores to them the dignity of the world’s largest store of myths and the right to a history.
From the sacred female archetype of the Mother Goddess of Neolithic culture, to the devaluation of the "different" female being in the post-pagan culture of later centuries, this analysis combines scientific rigour and the light touch of a poet.

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