San Giovanni d'Antro

The village of Antro sits at an altitude of 318 metres above sea level, among exposed terraces on the eastern slopes of Monte Mladsena. It is a village of ancient dwellings and a splendid church, clearly visible among the surrounding greenery when observed from the plains below.

The village’s name has been adopted by the surrounding area, known from ancient times as Gastaldia d’Antro. Set in a rocky slope near the village is the natural cave system known as the Cave of San Giovanni d’Antro. The workings that can be seen just inside the cave entrance are the legacy of its early use by local people for defensive and cult-related purposes. The guide has been prepared by the Mountain Community of the Natisone Valleys with assistance from the European Union – Project 5B. The Municipality of Pulfero provided facilities and photo-lithographs for publication.

The chapel was designed by Flavio Beltrame and Vania Zamò, and the complex as a whole  by Moreno Tomasetig. The front page and the black-and-white photographs inside are the author’s. The diagram of the cave is taken from S.Giovanni d’Antro 1977 and has been processed by computer. The texts were provided by Lorenzo Favia.

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