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Family Adventures

Do you read your children bedtime stories? Then they are sure to enjoy the adventures of the brave shepherd Kekec. Do you think it’s mere coincidence that in 1884 one of the best loved children’s writers, translated into many foreign languages, was born at Kranjska Gora?

It is certainly no coincidence. The upper Sava valley, with its mysterious past and mythical beings, exerts a strong influence on the imagination of writers and, of course, children. We have therefore prepared a series of exciting activities to stimulate their imaginations even more, giving you a few hours of rest from the exhausting task of entertaining the younger members of your family.

In the "Kekčeva de ela", or Kekec’s Village, children from 3 to 10 are welcomed by Kekec himself, who will offer them a local dish of sour milk and ganci (a kind of dumpling), show them his hut, and tell them tales of times long ago. He will also introduce them to tales of heroes from the Alpine world of the writer Vandot: Bedanec: the bad man of the woods, the herbalist Aunt Pehta, Vitranc the wise man, the friendly Mojca and the shy Rožle.

In the secret countryside around Gozd Martuljek the "škratje" – woodland elves – appear when they see your children, and use sign language to indicate the path; then, when the children arrive at the Škratje Village, they show themselves once more. On the Tales of Triglav path, at Dovje and at Mojstrana, your little ones will hear seven new stories and enjoy the giant’s biscuit.

The whole family will enjoy a visit to the reindeer farm, where they can spend a whole day in creative activities on the special Kekec Days known as Kekčevi dnevi. In addition to meeting Kekec, his friends, and the Škratje, will be able to enjoy themselves in the Lego workshop, play water games, enter mini-football competitions, go boating on Lake Jasna, test their skills on the archery range, or try the many other absorbing activities.

Ours is a family-friendly valley that offers a host of social and recreational activities, from pleasant summertime woodland walks to sleigh rides on the snow white slopes. The arrival of Father Christmas and his reindeers in the idyllic winterland of Kranjsca Gora will be an unforgettable experience for your children.

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