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Active adventures in winter

Ingemar Stenmark, Bojan Kri¸aj, Alberto Tomba and Jure Košir are only a few of the unforgotten heroes of the white slopes, winners on the ski slopes of Kranjska Gora. To win the Vitranc Trophy, they overcame one of the most demanding ski slopes of the Alpine skiing World Cup. Kranjska Gora is in no way merely a romantic winter destination although it is true that the snow falling from above transforms the area into a white wonderland. The white soul of Kranjska Gora has been and will remainAlpine skiing. A distinguishing feature of the Kranjska Gora skiing offer is the varied terrain which offers quality skiing for both beginners and expert skiers. Kranjska Gora is known for its quick access to skiing delights : one could say that you step right out of bed onto the slopes. There's only a beach of snow between your hotel and the slopes which sometimes lures you to bathe in the winter sun instead of ski. At the same time, you can keep an eye on your little ones. At thesnow kindergarten, children with the aid of the children's lift (baby lift) and various animated obstacles will quickly »feel at home on skis«. You can't ski? No problem. If you have the willpower, we'll give you a patient ski instructor and lend you the skiing equipment so that you can let yourself go on the beginner's hill. Make the decision and you will be awarded with awonderful experience! With time, you'll advance along the scale of demanding terrain and perhaps one day set off for the competitive polygon in Podkoren, the scene of an annual competition in Alpine skiing. For those placing contact with nature above speed, there are over 40 km of cross-country skiing trails set up which will bring you under all Kranjska Gora ski slopes, past the source of the Sava River, under the ski jumping hills of Planica and on to Tamar. As a matter of fact, the entire Zgornjesavska Valley is a Nordic paradise for you can also ski to Gozd Martuljek and Mojstrana, while the trails in Krnica and Radovna are »soul food «.Cross-country skiing will especially seduce you once you gaze upon the snowy winter walls and peaks. We could say the same for ski mountaineering . Possibilities for this primary form of skiing are more than abundant in the Zgornjesavska Valley. Recreational skiers can ski down the friendly Karavanke slopes while extremists can delight in the crests of the Julian Alps. Try out one of the suggested ski mountaineering routes from the Mojstrana or Kotovo sedlo, from below the Kriška wall or Triglav ski mountaineering from Kredarica into Krma or skiing from Dovška baba.

Climbing on the Lucifer is not a descent to hell! Lucifer is a renowned ice waterfall in Martuljek which is ranked as one of the favourite destinations of climbers of ice waterfalls. We suggest the conquering of one of the ice waterfalls under Prisank and in Tamar, of course with a guide and for beginners, test your ability on the artificially frozen wall in theMlačca Gorge in Mojstrana.

Let's conclude with sledding, the most romantic of winter disciplines. In the evening, a four wheel vehicle will bring you to one of the sledding area, on the Tri-Border area, Macesnovec, Gozd Martuljek or Krnica with only the »sweet part« of the adventure remaining: the drop into the valley in the light of torches.

However this is not yet the end of the delights our winter destination has to offer: you can choose among day and night snow walks, walks with torches, snow mobile rides, a ride with a sleigh pulled by reindeer or sled dogs, bike rides on the snow (snowbiking), ice skating on frozen lakes and ice skating rinks, swimming in covered swimming pools.

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