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Triglav National Park is a story of the dedication of Slovene naturalists to protect the extraordinary and almost untouched nature and cultural heritage of the eastern Julian Alps. In 1924 Triglav National Park became thefirst protected area in Slovenia. It comprises an area of 83,807 ha. The lowest point of the park is Tolminska Korita at 180 metres and the highest point is Triglav at 2864 meters. So as to maintain the intact nature, visitors to the park are obliged to adhere to defined rules which do not however impede the enjoyment of the park. Natural overseers are happy to uncover for you the greatest sights of their park and also care for your safety while indulging in mountain activities. Triglav National Park is certainly a region for the contemporary tourist nomad where you can breathe in fresh air, walk along unlimited off beaten paths, admire the colourful alpine flora and observe animals in their natural environments. Triglav National Park offers hiking delights with the safe havens of alpine cabins where one can stay the night. On alpine pastures still exuding life, you will be offered home-made cheese, sour milk or ¸gance (buckwheat mush). Have you ever seen the powerful alpine walls rising from the between the golden brown branches of the larch trees and veiling fog?! This is one of the most powerful and beautiful sights in Triglav National Park! Zgornjesavska Valley offers excellent access to the main attractions of the park, especially the Alpine valleys of Planica with the Tamar, Mala Pišnica, Krnica, Vrata with the mighty Triglav northern wall, Radovna, Kot and Krma. Vršič (Russian road), the Martuljek group with waterfalls, Nadi¸a, Peričnik, forest reservations and cultural monuments such as the ethnological collection at the Pocarjeva Homestead in Zgornja Radovna and the Russian chapel below Vršič will be sure to satisfy the most demanding of guests.

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