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Rateče is distinguished by its position alongside the tri-border of Italy and Austria and Slovenia, for the main road flows under the village bringing you across the Italian border and along Kanalski Valley (La Val Canale, Italy). On the southern side of Rateče, the vista opens up into the Planica Valley surrounded by the high peaks of the Julian Alps.

At the end of the valley, lies the Tamar from which the first source of the Sava Dolinka, the Nadi¸a Waterall flows out from under Ponce. The village has an expressed Alpine climate. Winters are long and cold, however its favourable position alongside the foothills of the Karavanke forests and pastures offers visitors an abundant number of sunny days, suitable for walking in the mountain forests and pastures.

Rateče manuscripts were discovered here dating from the second half of the 14th century. The originals are stored in Klagenfurt, while copies are on display at the church of St. Toma¸ in Rateče. The manuscript of Rateče or Klagenfurt is one of the oldest written records in the Slovene language and thus an important historical recollection of the Slovene folk.

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