Route: Canal del Ferro, Costalunga, Raschiacco

Faedis: The walk begins at Canal del Ferro, a small settlement above Faedis along the road to Canal di Grivò. It is possible to join the old mule trail to Costalunga either at Canal del Ferro di Sopra (204 metres above sea level) or at Canal del Ferro di Sotto (188 metres). In either case, the path takes us directly to Costalunga (593 metres).

 From here we take the path to Mount Forchiai (482 metres). Half way along this path, between Costalunga and Mount Forchiai, it is possible to descend along the forest trail, a few metres below, to the Pozza pool on the Grivò river, while the path leads on to Raschiacco, 179 metres above sea level.

Total walking time is about 1 hour 30 minutes, and walking boots or similar footwear are recommended.

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