The "Marco e Luca" Trail

Magnano in Riviera, route: a path dedicated to two young earthquake victims, length 4.5 kilometres, walking time approximately 2 hours. From the village square at Magnano the route sets off to the left along Via Roma. Take Via Sottomonte, on the right, at the road junction, and then turn right at the washing trough and continue as far as the drinking fountain. Start climbing up through what remains of the old forest track. After about 100 metres there is a path that forks off along the flanks of the Zupet stream and on to the “Piccolino” trail.

The "Marco and Luca" trail carries on up the old forest track until it meets the new one. We turn right along the new track as far as the old cherry wood, passing a newt pond about half way along. From the cherry wood there is a descent through growths of hornbeam trees (cjamar in dialect) where the forest floor is a green carpet of the butcher’s broom shrub (ruscli in dialect). We proceed for a while along the "La Mont" track towards Borgo Bocon.

From here, we skirt the Madussi pinewoods to the south until reaching Case Urli on Via Castello, where we descend to the Colle del Castello and take Via Prampero, arriving once again at Fernado Urli square.

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