Zucco e Cucagna Castles Itinerary

Faedis: starting from Borgo S. Anastasia, 181 metres above sea level. This village, lying just below the castles, dates back to the time of their construction, and is where servants’ dwellings and stables were located. It is named after an ancient church that no longer exists.

We begin the walk by setting off along the path that has been the only route to the Castles of Zucco and Cucagna since medieval times. After 15-20 minutes' walk we arrive at Zucco Castle, at an altitude of 299 metres, where we can explore the little 16th Century church and enjoy the magnificent view. After walking another 10 minutes or so along the path we come to Cucagna Castle  (357 metres a.s.l.) where reconstruction work is well advanced, the fully restored tower being a particularly impressive sight.

The final stage of the walk follows the path to the church of San Rocco. Total walking time is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes, and normal everyday wear is suitable.

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