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Itinerary Sella Cereschiatis

Itinerary, Sella Cereschiatis - Casera Glazzat Bassa - Cuel des Jerbis - Crete dal Cronz - Malga Casera Glazzat Alta - Sella Cereschiatis: Excursion time 4.00 hoursDegree of difficulty Touristic - ExcursionResting points Malga Casera Glazzat Alta (1348 m.)From Pontebba go along the Val Aupa main road for a few kilometres and, after having gone by the outlying wards of Studena Alta , Frattis and Aupa , you reach Sella Cereschiatis (1066 m.). When you have parked your car, take the forest road to the right that leads to a small grassy plateau where Casera Glazzat Bassa is located (1155 m.). From here continue going up through the spruce woods up to the crossroads (1355 m.) where, in a short time, and continuing along a level section to the right, you reach Casera Glazzat Alta (1348 m.). From Casera Glazzat Bassa, as an alternative to the road, you can take the trail (C.A.I. 434) that goes upwards to the left along the woods leading to Casera Glazzat Alta. The itinerary foresees taking the mule track from the crossroads (1355 m.), which goes up to the left along the South slope of the Cuel des Jerbis (1537 m.). Having cross the spruce and beech woods, you reach the grassy seat between Crete dal Cronz (1664 m.) and Cuel des Jerbis (1537 m.). Take a trail (C.A.I. 453) that goes through the screes and thick vegetation of mountain pine and leads to the peak of Crete dal Cronz. There is a beautiful view of the underlying valleys, Mount Cavallo , Gruppo del Sernio and Grauzaria from the top. The toponym Cronz - originally Cronc - is the nickname of an ancient family from Studena Alta who boasted about having property on the mountains. From the top, the trail descends along the same route until reaching the crossroads (1355 m.) and from here you reach Casera Glazzat Alta, located on the tip of the grassy dome of Mount Glazzat in a particularly panoramic point, from where you can view Valcanale , Val Pontebbana and the main peaks of the Carnic and Julian Alps . To return, follow the itinerary in reverse order, starting from Sella Cereschiatis.

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