Camporosso - Fusine

Camporosso, Defensive works of Val Bartolo  (second half of the 1930s) The barricade works of Val Bartolo area located in the intermediate section of the valley.  Proceeding towards the north, beyond the Bartolo meadows.  In the woods just before the Sella that marks the borders with Austria are the small barracks.

Fusine, Defensive works of Mounts Leila, Cavallar, Coppa and Forno  (second half of the 1930s).  The section of border between the Coccau pass and that of Fusine consisted of defensive curtain works of Mounts Leila and Cavallar and barricade of Mount Coppa.  Along the carriageway from Fusine Villabassa upwards to Mount Cavallar, at the crossroads a little beyond the residential centre of Poscolle, you can see the remains of the building that was used for military lodgings at the bottom of the valley and the munitions depot. Still well preserved, however, are the seven small barracks built in the area of Mounts Leila, Ciabin, Coppa, Comizza and Forno, some of which are quite large and all are easily reached.

Fusine, Defensive works in the Fusine/Ratece pass   (second half of the 1930s) The barrage works of Sella Ratece are arranged near the borderline along the strip that crosses the valley and along its whole length. Support of the structure equipped with armament was given by building a few barracks and two anti-tank ditches (now partially buried) that cut the plain itself for a long section.  On the north side of the highway, near the Customs and Excise building, there are barracks, some surveying posts at the edge of the meadows, the two ditches in succession and a backfill to defend the road axes.  The works to the south, however, are difficult to see, in that they are perfectly hidden between the moraine mountain range.

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