Malborghetto, Austria-Hungarian fortifications of Malga Cucco  (First World War) In the section of Malborghetto the divisions of two armies faced each other to take possession of the summits that controlled Val Fella and Val Saisera. After the conquest of some of the peaks, at the end of 1915, the Italian posts ran along the Forcella Cuel Tarond, Monti Due Pizzi, Piper, Jof di Miezegnot grande, Canizza and Jof di Montasio line. The Austrian posts ran along the Malga Cucco, Val Fella, Malga Strechizza, Jof di Miezegnot piccolo, Val Saisera, Monti Nabois piccolo and grande, Jof Fuart and Cime Castrein line.

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