Dogna, Italian fortifications of Mounts Jof di Dogna, Sella Bieliga, Due Pizzi, Jof di Miezegnot and Jof di Montasio  (First World War) From 24 May 1915 up to the winter in the Val Dogna sector, the divisions of the two armies faced each other to take possession of the summits that controlled val Fella and val Saisera. At the end of 1915 the Italian posts ran along the Plans, Clap Forat, Mount Poccet, sella Bieliga, Mount Sechieiz, forcella Cuel Tarond, Mount Due Pizzi, Mount Piper, Jof di Miezegnot grande, Mount Strechizza, Mount Carnizza and Jof di Montasio line. Those of the Austrian-Hungarians ran along the Jof di Miezegnot piccolo, val Saisera, mounts Nabois piccolo and grande, Jof Fuart and cime Castrein line. With spring 1916, fighting started up again and after a period of peace on 24 October 1917 the Austrian-Hungarian and German forces broke through the lines of the High Isonzo in Plezzo and Tolmino, causing the defeat of Caporetto.

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