The Prehistoric Age

In the prehistoric age man certainly came to the valleys in the Tarvisio area, passing through and occasionally inhabiting the area, mainly during the interglacial phases (the Camporosso pass - 810 m.a.s.l. - is the lowest of the whole alpine range). Evidence of this are the chipped flintstones found many years ago in the Fusine lakes and near Cave del Predil and an axe in green porphyry, rubbed down and found in Riofreddo . Subsequently, after long periods of time, history tells that the most ancient inhabitants known in the area were probably the Carnic Gallics . Around 600 AD they occupied wide regions. They give their name, which still exists: Carnia , Carinthia and Carniola . When, much later, the Carnic Gallics came into contact with Roman civilisation, the established trading relations with the supply of wax, honey, slaves and anything else and brought wine, oil and other typically southern products in exchange.

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