The first climbers

Looking for the chamois right up to the peaks History  gives us little news about man's settlement in the Tarvisio valleys. Even less  is known about the first climbers, in the archaic times, of the summits of our Alps. It is certain - but in closer  eras -  that the first climbers of the Julian Alps, attracted up there by stimuli of a scientific nature (from the rich flora, rocky stratifications and the dynamics of time) were botanists, geologists and meteorologists. As easily imagined they were undoubtedly preceded  by some members  who will always remain  in the shroud of mystery, but who we must effectively consider the first  "conquerors" of these wild  mountains. In fact, local  shepherds and hunters had already reached those summits, in eras that are difficult to evaluate, with certainty. Other shepherds and hunters later become the best guides for the first mountain tourists.

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