Camporosso:  A Roman settlement   -  visible remains 

In the territory of Camporosso some historians identified the Statio Bilachiniensis, a Roman customs station, referred to in an inscription carved out on the sarcophagus of a child, which is now preserved in Villach. Many pieces of evidence of the Roman settlement have been found in  Camporosso.

Camporosso:  A marble altar dedicated to Avilia Leda

In 1905 a large marble altar dedicated to Avilia Leda was found, which dates back to the mid II century AD, later completed, by a circular medal belonging to her, which was found in the same place as the altar before 1909.  It is currently being restored.


Fusine,  Mount Castello: Castle of Weissenfels  -  partially visible remains

The castle of Weissenfels was built in 1430-1440 by count Cilli. The scarce remains of the manor house can be found at the tip of Mount Castello and can be reached through the village of Poscolle.



Tarvisio:  Medieval towers   - visible remains

The church of St. Peter and Paul was part of the fortified walls of which only a octagonal keep, built in the XV century. A third tower was destroyed in 1800.

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