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Culture & Tradition

Over the centuries our lands have evolved a complex culture, lively and enduring, with a fund of memories, visible and invisible, which seem to permeate everything.

The fresh clean air of a sunset in the hills, or perhaps the sweet scents of a mountain dawn, surrounded by scenarios which are both ordered and wild, may stir beguiling memories of magic Celtic rites, and of ancient ceremonies of worship to appease the goddess Nature.

But the full force of history is to be found in the region’s archaeological sites, in the country villages and the medieval castles, and in the ancient churches and places of cult that are scattered throughout the area and offer unique and inspiring opportunities for religious exploration.

Who would want to miss the beautiful frescoed churches, the Domus Magna and the other magnificent villas of Polvetto, the Museum of Medieval Archaeology, the castles of Partistagno, Zucco and Cucagna between Attimis and Faedis, Cergneu Castle, Torlano’s Bridge of the Angels, and Borgo Vigant near Nimis?

Not to mention the malghe (Alpine dairy buildings) of  Porzus and the Cappella dell’Apparizione above Attimis and Faedis, with the Centro di Accoglienza Spirituale (the reception centre for the spirit) dominating the valley, the rural villages of Platischis, Montemaggiore, Prossenicco, Monteaperta in Taipana, the hamlets of Chisalizza and Srienibosch and the Ethnographic Museum at Lusevera.

Finally there is the Lovers Pool at Bueriis, the Longobard trail, and the ruins of the Prampera Castle at Magnano in Riviera.

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