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Adventures in discovering nature and culture

A legend says that pagan wives prophesised the fates of the people of Kranjska Gora at birth. One of them foretold that the son of a hunter would shoot a Goldenhorn which lived in the surrounding mountains. The pagan wives were angry at the prophecy and transformed the pagan girl into a cliff which can be admired in the wall of the Prisank.

The first wonderful route can be found within the scope of the Triglav National Park – the Triglavska Bistrica Route in Vrata is an adventure of nature where you will delight in the Peričnik Waterfall, Galerije, the gable of Vrata and the powerful Triglav northern wall. In any case the conquering of Triglav up this wall is an accomplishment for which several days should be reserved and also to experience the atmosphere of common accommodations in one of the mountain cabins. A secret adventure can also be had in the Kot Valley whereby the path leads you through the Radovna Valley to Vintgar. There are a lot of sights along the way: Gogal’s Linden Tree, Psnak flourmill and sawmill and the Pocar Homestead, the setting for numerous events.

Those of you revelling in the view of the precipitous walls must experience the demanding path to Prisank from Vršič. Those who prefer a safer view can uncover the attractions on the path to Slemenova špica, a meditational secluded panoramic forest walk from Vršič to the lakes with a view of the majestic Jaloven.

The green spring landscape invites you on walks around the Rateče surroundings – allowing you views of the characteristic Alpine architectural heritage, continuing on the forest path towards Tromeja, through fields towards Planica and onwards to Tamar up to Zelenci or across the Italian border to the Mangart Lakes (Laghi di Fusine).

The cultural heritage of the Zgornjesavska Valley can also be experienced through a walk through the centre of Kranjska Gora past the church Marija Vnebovzeta towards the Liznjekova Homestead.

Perhaps the most beautiful path in the Zgornjesavska Valley is the path to the first and second Martuljek waterfalls. We suggest you to visit both although many people stop at the first one probably also because of the home-made lunch at Jasenje. Not far removed, the Fin¸gar Chapel greets you, named after the writer and clergyman Fran Saleški Fin¸gar. Suitably rested, you can continue towards the second waterfall or to »Pod Srce« (Under the Heart) where above you, the Špik wall rises like a mythological being.

Beneath you, the unforgettable natural beauty and a feeling of human insignificance will take you over. The view of the setting up oglarska kopa (charcoal dig) will cause you to forget these slightly melancholic thoughts, remnants of times when life moved more slowly.

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