F.lli Stuparich Bivouac

It was inaugurated on  14 September 1975 . It is located on the plateau of  Palizza , the north side of the  Montasio  at an altitude of  1587  m. The construction is more of a Shelter than a Bivouac, consisting of a room-living room-kitchen and a dormitory.  It has twelve beds plus eight for emergency purposes.  It fully meets the requirements of the many mountain climbers who come to the area for their demanding climbs from the north to the Montasio, C. Verde, Torre Carnizza e which up to now had to rely on the insufficient small bivouac of 1954, made in steel sheet and with only four places.  The erection and finishing of the works took a lot of effort and was done by the usual enthusiasm of the youth belonging to G.A.R.S. The material was transported by helicopter.

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