Adriano Suringar Bivouac

The bivouac was built on the western side of the  Montasio  at a very high altitude, in a location that seemed to be sheltered from avalanches. The supporters of this initiative were lawyer  Piero Pieri and colonel  Orseolo Pieri  with the intention of honouring the memory of their relation  Adriano Suringar , silver medal for military valour, who fell on the Russian front line on 24 December 1942. The initiative of the Pieri brothers was supported with generous contributions by the two related families of the fallen man and by the cooperation of the Association of Mountain climbers, Rock climbers and Skiers (G.A.R.S.) of the Triest section of C.A.I., to which the fallen man belonged. The inauguration of the bivouac took place on  12 September 1954 . It is one of the best that has been built so far, both as regards the top quality materials used and the perfection of the work. All the details were studied with such precision that the result was an excellent construction, which corresponds perfectly with its purpose. It rises immediately beneath the rock of the west crest where it touches the great bottom ledge at an altitude of 2430 m . Steel cables hold the bivouac, under which the slope goes down steep for about a hundred metres and then it becomes a vertical face of 1000 m. The view is one of the most characteristics of the Julian Alps. The view overlooks from a great height the whole Val Dogna precipice and stretches right up to the Tauri and the Dolomites.

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