Guido Brunner Shelter

The shelter, which is currently unfit for use, was set up in  1900  as a hunter's hut for the king of Saxony  . During the First World War it was transformed into the second line Austrian headquarters; after the war, it came under the control of the State Property Office and in 1926 it was rented out to the Società Alpina delle Giulie who carried out a radical restoration, putting it back into a functional condition and giving it the name of a voluntary member of war who received a military gold medal, Guido Brunner, and who fell on Mount Fior on 8 June 1916. On 20 october 1935 the shelter was inaugurated and served its scope very well for a long time.  It went through the Second World War with various acts of vandalism that brought it to ruin but, as the valley of Rio Bianco remained on Italian territory, the Alpina delle Giulie-Triest Section of C.A.I. carried out a series of repairs and in 1947 the Shelter resumed its function.  The years passed and the structure started to give in.  Finally, with the help of the Regional Body and with plenty of good will, on 11 October 1970 the new, completely restored Brunner shelter was inaugurated.

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