Guido Corsi Shelter

The Shelter is in the  Jof Fuart mountain range (south side), at an altitude of 1854 m in the municipality of Tarvisio. It was built in  1925 partly in an area already occupied by the small  Findenegg hut , which was destroyed during the First World War in 1915. At the beginning of the 30s, the construction was restored many times (the entry door, roof, shutters, internal parts, etc.). The basement, including ground floor, was in brickwork, whereas the first floor and attic were still in wood. There were three rooms, arranged like this, one, the dining room, on the ground floor near the kitchen and two on the first floor with 25 beds.  The attic gave the possibility of accommodating a further 25 beds for any groups. This shelter resisted well for more than forty years, getting through the Second World War, although with some difficulty. In 1966 the "Alpina delle Giulie" felt that time had come to extend and modernise it. Besides the extension, reconstruction and modernisation as mentioned, a new road from the valley of Rio del Lago up to Malga Grantagar was built. At the end of these works, the Shelter took on the aspect that it has today. In fact, today it accommodates 45 beds on the first floor, the attic consists of a vast dormitory with 28 beds as well as the caretaker's room (this is to give an idea of the overall capacity). Construction of the road had no fewer problems, but with the help of the army, in the end it was completed.

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