Celso Gilberti Shelter

The shelter is located in the  Canin range in localita'  Vallon di Prevala  at  1850 m  in altitude in the Municipality of Chiusaforte (UD). It was built in  1934  (Julius Kugy spoke about a "Canin Shelter" in the area, back towards the end of last century) by the Friulan Alpine Association and was rebuilt after the Second World War. It was given the name of Celso Gilberti, a young star of mountain climbing who fell from the Paganella, it consists of three floors with 14 rooms, eight of which are two or four bedded-rooms and a dormitory. Nevertheless, given the presence of the cableway from Nevea, which allows easy access to Conca Prevala, not many people stop overnight.

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