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Nordio Shelter

Located in  Alta Val Uqua , north of Ugovizza, at the foot of Mount  Osternig , on the south slope, at an altitude of  1210  m. The shelter belongs to the municipality of  Malborghetto Valbruna  (UD). Originally, it was a hunter's house built in the years prior to the First World War. The premises, however, were in another place, at about 1200 m in Val Rauna, another pleasant valley above Ugovizza, in the middle of a thick wood. In 1925, the Triest section of S.U.C.A.I., had a pleasant initiative and thought of making it a shelter for skiers.  The locatin of the shelter, however, seemed to be inappropriate so it was moved to another place, which was more open and easily reached by skiing.  The move was quite expensive in that most of the material had to be replaced, as the building had been extended.  After the second World War, further improvements were made to the structure, which is now suffering the consequences of the years and the lack of rational maintenance.

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