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Valli del Natisone e del Cividale

So what are you waiting for? Cividale is a treasure chest, and you have the key. Visit Cividale, and you will open the chest to discover the treasures within. You will be taken on an enthralling  journey into the past; you will be able to breathe the mysterious atmosphere of the Celts, admire Roman mosaics and artefacts, view the dazzling splendour of Longobard gold, fall under the spell of an ancient world or thrill to the dizzying view from the Devil’s Bridge.


You cannot fail to be drawn into the important cultural offerings of this precious setting: festivals, historical re-enactments, and theatrical events. And after your journey (into time and imagination, that is)  you can refresh yourself with the outstanding local cuisine, accompanied, of course, by the excellent  wines  of the Colli Orientali del Friuli.


When you visit Cividale you meet history in every step, for it fills the pores of this little city. It is history with a capital “H”, which saw the foundation around 50 BC of the Forum Iulii, from which the entire Region of Friuli derives its name. The Longobard Dukes established their capital here in 568 AD. The Franks later changed its name to Civitas Austriae, the origin of its current  name. In the meantime the Patriarchate had begun, and the city fell under Venetian rule between 1420 and 1797. It reached the present day having preserved the most important artistic and cultural legacies of its immensely rich past. A city that was in turn Roman, Longobard, Patriarchal and Venetian... these are its four faces that visitors can gaze upon today in an unforgettable journey through time.

Panoramica di Cividale sulle valli del Natisone
Panoramica di Cividale sulle valli del Natisone

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