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S.A.F., S.A.G. and OeAV activitiesThe  Società Alpina Friulana (S.A.F.)  completely rebuilt the Ricovero di Nevea and the great Rifugio Celso Gilberti shelters on the plain underlying Sella Prevala and Sella Bila Pec (the Second World War had damaged the Ricovero di Nevea and destroyed the Rifugio Celso Gilberti).

The Austrian Alpenverein (OeAV)  built the Canin Hütte at 1611 m on the south slope of Mount Canin; the Findenegg hütte at 1854 m on the south slope of Jof Fuart; the Seisera Hütte at the foot of Valle Saisera at an altitude of 1007 m and on the west slope of Mangart at an altitude of 1919 m the Manhart- Haus.  From the end of the First World War to the beginning of the Second, the  Società Alpina delle Giulie (S.A.G.) took over the functions of the Alpenverein, and became the Triest section of the  C.A.I. , finally free to work in the western Alps, which was now Italian territory.

During this period, the Rifugio "Carlo Stuparich" is built at an altitude of 1650 m on the north slope of Montasio, the Rifugio "Fratelli Nordio", the "Fratelli Garrone" bivouac, the "Rifugio del Mangart" at an altitude of 1919 m, then called the "Giuseppe Sillani" shelter (destroyed during the Second World War), the Rifugio "Luigi Zacchi" on the Mangart-Ponze range at an altitude of 1380 m, the Rifugio "Guido Corsi" at 1854 m in the place of the Findenegg shelter, the Rifugio "Guido Brunner" in the place of the hunter's hut of Riobianco at 1200 m, the Rifugio "Luigi Pellarini" at 1502 m in Carnizza di Camporosso, the Rifugio "Dario Mazzeni" at 1650 in Spragna superiore, the Rifugio "Attilio Grego" at Sella di Somdogna at an altitude of 1396 m, the Rifugio "Ruggero Timeus-Fauro", which was rebuilt and extended on the basis of the Canin Hutte located at 1810m and finally the Rifugio "Ferruccio Suppan" at 850 m in Val Mogenza.

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