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The ski slopes around Tarvisio lie in a particularly striking landscape, with pistes that thread through areas of extraordinary beauty in the heart of the Julian Alps. For lovers of alpine and off-piste skiing there are many high altitude routes that can be undertaken in complete safety in the company of an expert local guide. The magnificent southern slopes of the Montasio Plateau are a perfect playground for alpine skiers.

The Forca del Palone is one of the most popular ski routes, with a relatively easy and enjoyable descent on snow that is almost always of excellent quality. It has all the ingredients for an exciting outing, as long as the snow cover is perfectly stable.

When the valley floor is blanketed with soft snow, the Tarvisio region becomes a paradise for Nordic skiers. There are miles of perfect piste guaranteeing exhilarating trips for cross-country lovers in the breathtaking beauty of the Saisera Valley and the Valley of the Fusine Lakes.

The ski stadium, dedicated to the Tarvisian ski champion Gabriella Paruzzi, which is homologated for all Nordic skiing competitions, is a venue for international competitive events. Individual and group lessons are available, as well as tuition for children, Ski Total(facilities for skiers of all grades) and guided trips along pistes in Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

There can be little doubt about the ski schools’ capacity to help those who wish to take up cross country skiing and see the region’s magnificent landscapes. There are 60 km of piste to try. Using classic striding or skating techniques, everyone, young and old alike, can enter a world of magical scenery

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