Latteria cheese

A latteria turnaria was a dairy where families once took turns to make cheese using milk from the cows of all associated breeders. Today they have become commercial concerns, but the cheese produced, although not bearing the Montasio name, is still called Latteria; large and small breeders supply milk from their cows, usually the Friulian red piebald breed, and the butter and cheese produced are marketed by individual breeders under their own names. Latteria produced from unprocessed milk can be exceptional, in either full fat or low fat varieties. Latteria fresco is matured for 60 days, and latteria stagionato (aged) for 8 months to a year. It is made in a cylindrical shape, with a semi-cooked paste and few holes and has a pale yellow colour, with a sweet and persistent taste in the stagionato form. Both fresco and stagionato can be cooked together in a pan to make the typical Friulian Frico (a special cheese and potato mix), the cheese being fried until a crispy crust is formed.

Formaggio latteria Montasio

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