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Our salumi

Friulian salumi (cured meats) rank among the very best, sometimes eaten alone, but more often in a snack or appetiser, accompanied by a good wine, perhaps at a picnic or in a local osteria. The most common salume after San Daniele prosciutto (ham) is the pork based salame di maiale  (salàm di purcit in local dialect), a medium-sized and straight-shaped salami made with or without garlic. It makes an excellent appetiser or snack, best eaten raw if mature, or cooked in vinegar or in the embers if fresh. An excellent one is produced at Nimis, but we should not forget costa (cueste in the local dialect) made from boned and rolled pork ribs, pancetta (pansette) made from rolled belly of pork, and ossocollo (socòl), a kind of ham from cured neck of pork. There is also salame di cinghiale ("salàm de cenglâr"), made from wild boar and produced along the fringes of the Slav area.

The enchanting Taipana area produces an aromatic rolled lardo (lard - pork back fat) of exceptional quality, a recently rediscovered old favourite that has lost none of its appeal.


Prosciutto di San Dianele
Lardo di Taipana

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