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Friulians consider the Picolit a jewel among vines. In ancient times this wine was held in such high esteem that it was exported to the courts of France, the Austrian emperor, the Russian Tsar, the Papal Court and elsewhere. The vine, however, is not highly productive due to aborted flowers, and is nowadays cultivated much less than formerly.  It produces an extraordinarily fine and engaging wine, pale yellow in colour and delicately perfumed (offering scents of wild flowers, almonds, peaches, acacia and chestnut), with an infinite range of tastes, and a gentle almond finish. It is difficult to find the right accompaniment for such a great wine. It needs to be savoured slowly, to be lingered over. It is surprisingly good with strongly flavoured cheeses, and should be served cool but not cold. 

I tipici grappoli del Picolit

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