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Ramandolo, which has been the first Friuli’s wine that got the Appellation contrôlée (D.O.C.G.), is obtained from Yellow Verduzzo Grapes grown in the Eastern Hills’ small area. This area at the foot of the Bernadia Mount, is situated in the commune of Nimis and in the Coia and Sedilis hamlets, which belong to the commune of Tarcento. Grapes are harvested only when they are very ripe: the withering is necessary in order to obtain a natural concentration of sugar and aromas which give their flavour to the Ramandolo. It is a sweet wine and it goes well with some appetizers such as San Daniele ham, ripe figs or Montasio mature cheese, but it goes very well also with dried fruit, not very sweet biscuits such as, for example, the Nimis’ Uess, the Epiphanic Pinza and the Gubana. Ramandolo

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