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Monte Canin

Experienced and properly equipped excursionists can enjoy the full fascination and splendour of the mountains by taking to the upper tracks. The rich variety of plant life along the way, the chance of wildlife encounters, the unusual geological features, the mountain pastures and the many historical mementos, repay the effort of the climb. At the summit, in the silence that only mountains know, sweeping views of forests and rock faces lift the spirits and bring to mind the days when Julius Kugy, poet, singer and explorer of the Julian Alps, climbed these peaks.

"I remember perfectly the moment when I first heard the words Julian Alps. I had asked my tutor about the mountains that, on a clear day, could be seen soaring up, far across the sea, and he said they were the Julians. When I saw their luminous reflection in the sea, bathed in sunlight, in their solemn tranquillity, so distant and unreachable, my soul embraced them tightly, with all the force of its dreams. And then, as now...of all the mountains that I have seen, there is nothing to equal the Julians". J Kugy

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