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The Boncic Trail

Taipana, route: set off to the left at the beginning of Taipana, following signs for Campo di Bonis. When you reach the plateau, leave your car in the car park of the Azienda Agrituristica (682 metres above sea level), and take the track leading to the main building. There are signs taking you first left and then right past buildings used as stables. Just before reaching a small isolated cottage, cross the paddock on the left and aim for a sign at the start of the mule track that can be clearly seen below. In April the forest floor presents a splendid prospect, completely covered by enormous patches of crocuses and wood anemones. Where the path forks and signs are visible, keep to the left, the path to the right being on the return leg, and carry on along the mule track, which soon reaches an enclosed pasture with a feeding trough, which can be entered by means of wooden steps over the fence. The signs die out at this point, but by walking to the left along the fence you meet new signs leading to a wooded area and the start of a descent, gentle at first and becoming gradually steeper, but made easier by the presence of wooden steps. The path proceeds to a wooded spur overlooking the Boncic gorge, and on down to the river bed, a hand cable easing the descent to the lowest point on the route (533 metres), where there is a small waterfall. This is the start of an interesting climb up high ground flanking the left side of the river. Across the rocks at the edge of the stream are gravel beds where lungworts, snowdrops, anemones and daphne shrubs come into flower during Spring. The Boncic gorge has an air of enchantment, with rapids and chasms alternating with tracts of gently flowing water. Various aids to walkers have been installed along the more difficult stretches of the path, although some caution is still advised given the unsure footing of the terrain. Walkers eventually come to a small wooden boardwalk across an otherwise impassable section of large mossy boulders. This leads to a point where the stream loops around into a high waterfall. The path surmounts this obstacle by means of a flight of wooden steps leading to another waterfall that drops into a pool of glistening green water. Another steep climb, with a metal cable for assistance, rises to a ridge and another descent of a few metres to the gravels bordering the stream. The final stretch is straighter and easier, terminating at a loop in the stream and the final falls, where the stream enters a large pool bordered with white butterburs and marsh marigolds.

After leaving the Boncic river the route climbs back up along a track leading to the enclosed pasture met earlier. Keeping to the left, you find more wooden steps over the fence and can then carry on to the road junction and the car park along the same path used earlier.

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