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The great war’s military hospital on the Gran Monte

You can reach this bivouac starting from Monteaperta and taking the path (trail sign CAI-Italian Alpine Club-711) that leads to the Granmonte: you should follow the route of an ancient mule track until Kriz Col (1529 above sea level), the you should take another path (trail sign CAI 742) that also follows the mule track and set out for the Montemaggiore’s Peak. When you pass the first peak you will reach a stone frontier barrack which was built before the Great War in order to control the border between the Italian Kingdom and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is an ex-Great War’s military hospital which stood up to the numerous sacks, to the World War Two, to the earthquake in 1976 and which was rebuilt and made partly safe by the Ana and the Monteaperta - Valcornappo Alpine Troops’ Division who worked with a praiseworthy care.

The home was built in 1910-1913 by an Alpine Troops’ detachment of the “Susa” brigade together with a Cremona’s division’s company of sappers. A company started its voyage from here at dawn on 24th May in 1915; after it crossed the Montemaggiore’s peaks, it reached Bergogna in the present Slovenia. The military hospital also gave shelter to the lieutenant Picco’s troops that were going to conquer the Monte Nero. It is large-sized (its plan is 30*12,5 m); on its right there is a big underground tank that gathers water in a very efficient way, on its left there are ruins of the Stavoli Cecchin. The perimetrical walls were rebuilt and, internally, there were made a bathroom, a kitchen with a great fireplace and two bedrooms which can accommodate a few dozen people.

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