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The Torre Valleys

Panoramica della Collina

The rich earth of ancient Friuli's green hills, lying between fertile plains and unspoilt mountains, is the nursery of great wines known and praised throughout the world.
The special and unique landscape is a gentle hint of the splendours of the Alps beyond; if the dense mountain forests seem to awaken memories of ancient Celtic legends and magic rites, it is on the hilltops that medieval life unexpectedly intrudes, with towers and castles that have watched over us for centuries, gazing out over the plain and the genteel elegance of villa life.

Walking in a silence broken by the babbling of limpid, fish-filled waters, our guests absorb the age-old spirituality of nature, history and beguiling sites of ancient cults, before yielding to the warmth of traditional Friulian hospitality.

The natural landscape of the Torre Valleys displays an exceptionally balanced mix of morphologies that meet in a lively interplay of atmosphere, shapes and colours.

Meticulously tended cultivated areas alternate with the potent mystery of the woods, as we move gradually from the castles to the ordered world of the villas and rural villages.

In these lands of ours, which are endowed with an abundance of clean and impetuous mountain streams, teemed with fish and renowned for the quality of the trout, the charm and majesty of the mountains combine with the pure, fresh air, and the fragrant calm of the countryside, to offer a healing balm to the stress, noise and pollution of city life.

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