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The Torre Valleys

The natural landscape of the Torre Valleys displays an exceptional balanced mix of morphologies that meet in a lively interplay of atmosphere, shapes and colours. It is a delight to go picking  mushrooms, climb the ancient themed tracks of Granmonte and the Musis and observe the rich local flora and fauna amid the reminders and relics of the First World War, explore the green moraine hills of Savorgnano, the woods of Magnano in Riviera, the Ramandolo basin, and the clear waters of the Torre, Natisone and Cornappo rivers. In a setting of unspoilt natural beauty, among acacia and beech woodlands, the ground below conceals a rich carsic heritage, from the Vigant Abyss to the impressive network of passages that form the Villanova Cave system, with its superb stalactite and stalagmite chambers. In these lands of ours, which are endowed with an abundance of clean and impetuous mountain streams, renowned for their fishing and the quality of the trout, the charm and majesty of the mountains combine with the pure, fresh air, and the fragrant calm of the countryside, to offer a healing balm to the stress, noise and pollution of city life.

Veduta generale della vallata
Il bosco coperto di nebbia

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