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The Julian Alps of Slovenia

The Julian Alps form the south-eastern section of the great alpine arc.
The Slovenian stretch occupies an area of around 4,400 sq. km. in the north west of the country. It forms a chain divided into two main sections, the Eastern and the Western Julian Alps. There are at least 150 peaks exceeding 2,000 metres, 25 of them reaching 2,500 metres. The sources of two major rivers, the Sava and the Soca, are found in these mountains.

The Julian Alps owe their name to the Giulia family, who ruled over the southern part of the Alps in former times. The mountains of the eastern area are formed from Mesozoic marine deposits. The Earth’s internal stresses have caused folds and faults, and have carved out enormous rock faces and peaks.

The area is deservedly renowned for the wide variety of fauna and flora. Its natural bounty, its abundant waters and the climate have made it possible for people to settle continuously in this breathtaking corner of Europe and Slovenia since ancient times. The Julian Alps are a world treasure, offering challenge and allure to tourists and climbers alike.

The pace of modern life is too fast, continually putting us under stress and eating into our time, our freedom and our peace. The Julian Alps provide a complete contrast, where time passes gently, and nature has the power to revitalise groups and individuals at any time of the year.

At root, we Slovenians are a nation of mountain people, which is why we have chosen Triglav as our symbol. The mountains have been leaving their imprint on the region’s people for centuries, and shown the whole world the treasures that, in noblest manner, have formed the character of the nation.

This is why visitors to the Julian Alps should come with due respect for its unspoilt environment. They may take nothing away, apart from memories of the breathtaking views and wonderful sights that blend with the peace and the silence to form the basis of inner strength, creativity and enlightenment. The Julian Alps are a natural remedy for the wounds to modern man’s soul inflicted by life in the city.

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