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Food and Wine

After a day of Alpine activity, nothing is more welcome than a little relaxation, and there is no lack of establishments eager to attend to your creature comforts. Satisfying your palate could not be easier.

The region’s culinary tradition has Latin, German and Slavic roots, sometimes modified to meet modern taste. Local food makes rich use of ingredients such as game, mushrooms, wild fruits, cheeses and home-produced dairy products, the gifts of an unspoilt environment and an ancient forest.

A concern for hospitality goes hand in hand with the culinary tradition and the great sporting and cultural events.

Cuisine in this area calls upon three distinct cultures – Italian, Slav and Austrian, There are many varieties of dishes to sample: sweet, savoury, tart, robust and delicate, each enriched by local traditions.

The cured meats are particularly memorable: especially Carso hams,  San Daniele ham and the lightly smoked Sauris. Muset, a dish of cotechino sausage served with turnip rapes marinated in wine pressings, also deserves a mention.

Food and Wine

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